Accelerating compound identification in chemistry workflows

Chemistry is a broad field which comprises a lot of fields with the same purpose: knowing what is inside the flask. The use of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry techniques adds a valuable dimension to the standard lowresolution techniques, where the expected mass is the only value provided.

The high accuracy of the newest instruments provideenough reliability to use HRMS as identification tool, which can be enhanced if the instrument is equipped with the ion mobility technology, providing the collision cross section value, a fingerprinting value for compound identification. 

Mass Analytica offers different software solutions focused on the structural elucidation of your compound of interest. 

Laboratory research in science and medical setting.
Chemist putting vial with a sample into autosampler of HPLC system. High performance liquid chromatography at chemical laboratory. Developing of pharmaceuticals or vaccine. Biochemistry analysis


Compound Degradation

The study of the compound degradation is mandatory for drug products and drug substances as it is stated in the FDA and ICH guidance state. These studies are done to understand their behavior over time under multiple environmental conditions. These properties are key to decide about the formulation, packaging, storage conditions and expiration date of the potential new drugs.  



Most organic synthesis workflows end up with the synthesis of at least few milligrams of pure compound, which structure is corroborated by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy. Therefore, it needs first to use relatively large quantities of initial materials and purify the reaction crude before knowing if the desired compound has been obtained.  

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