HT DMPK Screening

HT DMPK Screening

Mass Spectrometry is a widely detection technique that used nowadays in may DMPK screening

Mass Spectrometry is a widely detection technique used nowadays in DMPK screening. Workflows using different instrumentation ranging, from more traditional as LC-MS triple Quad (QQQ) or High Resolution (HRMS) instrumentation to direct MALDI methodology, used in high throughput strategies.

We have developed methodologies that cover all these MS derived techniques. In addition to the analysis of the MS data we have also introduced other detection techniques like a UV or radio trace.  Moreover, the data extracted from this analysis can be processed to obtain the desired endpoint value, for example: clearance, permeability, inhibition, or in-vivo quantification.

We have also introduced a flexible excel-like interface that enables the customization of the computation. All the information obtained from this analysis is stored in our system database and can be shared easily with any other corporate database system. Moreover, it is directly connected to our Machine Learning System to develop models to predict the endpoints based on the customer’s own data.

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