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Life Sciences

Analysis of small and macro molecules

Mass Spectrometry is an analytical technique that offers a lot of possibilities in the analysis of small or macro molecules in multiple biological matrixes. It is typically the analytical technique of choice because its capability to handle an enormous number of compounds in a small volume of sample in a fast and efficient way

The link between the detection of multiple compounds and the biology that these compounds are related to open several options to treat this data and transform it into useful information that can give insights into the biological process. 

There are an increasing number of technologies for data acquisition, but they can be differentiated in the targeted approach where the user priory knows that is the structure(s), formula(e) or the m/z (s) that must be considered and the untargeted analysis where there is no a priory definition.

Both cases have their applicability domain. For example, these techniques can be used to derive potential Biomarkers for certain biological conditions and relate these biomarkers to the biological pathways in an untargeted and unbiases mode or use the discovered biomarkers on routine and targeted analysis to understand if a particular sample is a typical condition.  

vials are arranged in the auto-sampler for the lab equipment.
Chemist putting vial with a sample into autosampler of HPLC system. High performance liquid chromatography at chemical laboratory. Developing of pharmaceuticals or vaccine. Biochemistry analysis

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Imaging Metabolites

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