LipostarMSI is a software for mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) that supports both untargeted and targeted data analysis, distributed as desktop application. 

The workflow supported by LipostarMSI covers all the steps required for MSI data analysis: raw data processing, histological coregistration, manual drawing or importing of regions annotated by pathologists, image visualization, a variety of univariate and multivariate image and spectral analysis tools, co-localization analysis, and automated lipids, metabolites and drug metabolites annotation, including MS/MS-based identification. 


MSI data analysis for life science and pharmaceutical applications, greatly streamlined
  • Both targeted and untargeted MSI data analysis supported, greatly streamlining biochemical interpretation of the data
  • Customizable peak picking, pixel spectra alignment, data reduction
  • Multiple images co-registration
  • Automatic import of ROI annotated by expert pathologists using QuPath and Pannoramic Viewer
  • Automatic metabolite and drug metabolite annotation
  • Automatic MS/MS-based lipid identification
  • Automatic report generation

Data import

  • Vendor, Instrument & Acquisition neutral analysis
  • Annotated ROI import
  • Import of MS/MS spectra from LC-MS acquisitions


  • Peak detection and pre-processing 
  • Annotation and identification 
  • Biochemical Pathways


  • Targeted and untargeted omics analysis
  • Lipids, metabolites and drug metabolites

Image analysis

  • Denoise, contrast enhancement, normalization
  • Single and overlayed ion density images visualization
  • Coregistration with H&E

Data analysis

  • Segmentation 
  • Co-localization 
  • Principal Component Analysis 
  • Univariate and multivariate ROI analysis 


  • Background processing of computational intensive tasks
  • Optimized and parallelized algorithms
  • Automatic report generation

System requirements & Installation

  • System requirements
  • Installation instructions

Pharma –  Data Analysis –  Imaging



Life Sciences –  Imaging Metabolites

  • Lipostar: Software dedicated to LC-MS lipidomics as a desktop application 
  • Mars: Software dedicated to LC-MS metabolomics as a desktop application 
  • Action: Software dedicated to affinity measurement as a desktop application 

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