Training and Workflows set up


Training, Workshops, custom made feature and maintenance

Mass Analytica offers custom made trainings sessions, workshops and user meetings that are done on-site, or on-line or on our premises that cover any of our software features: basic used for research of production mode, detail scientific operations, workflow definition, etc. The users can define their needs and we do a custom training. 

Also, we offer the possibility to the Oniro + MassMetaSite + MassChemSite applications do a system service and maintenance that can go from data migration from database to database, bring the entire system to the cloud until a daily system supervising ensuring that the application never stops, and it is always active for the end users, balancing the resources necessary for the demands on the system. 

Mass Analytica also develops specific customer new feature demands due to their special needs or to stablish a collaboration to introduce a new feature into the application that can be close only for the client or open to a certain release number. We also develop custom made reports templates and computation templates to automate process. Also, it is possible to provide our proprietary algorithms within other internal tools for further development. 

Computer Lab.