In Montelino (Italy) 18th-22nd September 2023

We are glad to announce that Mass Analytica (Lead Molecular Design, Molecular Discovery and Molecular Horizon) are organizing a Training (18th-20th of September 2023) and the User meeting (20th-22nd of September 2023) at the Molecular Discovery Headquarters in Montelino (Italy).  

The training will be divided into different sessions depending on the interest and expertise. The idea is to have dedicated groups for each software and if possible, also divided by expertise and/or interest in using the applications.

The applications cover all branches of Mass Spec. Data analysis: Lipostar, Mars, Lipostar MSI, Pyxis, MassMetaSite, MassChemSite and Oniro (WebMetabase, WebChembase, WebQuant and Compound Library)

At the meeting we will show all the new features that we have been working on:

  • MassMetaSite: New settings and all the new Macromolecule module.
  • WebMetabase: new chromatographic and modeling tools, and Macromolecule module. AI for peak selection
  • WebQuant: new module for quantification based on automatic calibration lines, automation and the easy ADME workflows. Automation of Quan-Qual workflow.
  • Compound Library: the new link across experiments, connection to prediction tools and self-made model building.
  • LipostarMSI: focusing on export for LMD, MALDI-IHC-guided analysis, and upgrades in identification.
  • Pyxis: ion mobility MSI data analysis and isobars scout algorithm.
  • Lipostar: significant upgrades for quantification, ion mobility, identification.
  • MARS: New software for LC-MS based metabolomics and beyond

As you know in this user meeting, we would like to have a major part of the time users bringing up their cases so we can have an open discussion on what needs to be improved and what is the direction.

We have a limited number of seats, so please, if you are interested in coming to the training or the user meeting or both, complete the form. If you need further information do not hesitate to contact us.