Flexible settings

Flexible settings

The admin can control a number of settings in the application that will enable different functionalities in the program. In here we only highlight some of the most common used ones, refers to the manual for detailed information 

Licensing system

The Oniro Admin settings contain the information with the respect to the licensing system. The Licenses settings contains the licenses lines that give access to the different modules. IN order to grant the access the license line of the module has to be submitted to www.moldiscovery.com and you will receive an e-mail with the license lines to be placed at this part. There is one license line for each module, with the exception of WebChembase, that one line gives you access to all the WebChembase modules. 

In addition to the license lines that grant access to the different module, Oniro may connect to other molecular Discovery application to have multiple functions, these options will activated depending on the license line provided and the contract. Some of the functions within the application will be hidden if you do not provide such licenses. 

One aspect to be also considered is that licenses are linked to the operating system if Oniro is installed in a mixed, each server will have to have the right operating system license. 

Multiple servers & Cloud solutions 

Oniro can be installed in a single server or in multiple server depending on the user demands of the systemIt is also possible to install Oniro in a cloud environment. IN addition the user can select a particular set of server(s) for example to run MassMetaSite computations or to perform background computation while keeping one of the servers for the client-user interphase, improving in this way the user experience without any lack time in response because the server is occupied doing other tasks. 

In addition Oniro can connect to external UNIFI servers from Waters instrument vendor, making the transfer of data from the acquisition system and Oniro seamless and without the need to move files. Moreover, the system is also prepared to read data from cloud data backets from the major cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud, Google cloud, etc). Finally, the system also can connect to external tools to perform specialized computations like: 

  • MaximaThis program has to be installed in the server to perform differential equation calculations 
  • Charming: This is a java application that can run in the same or different java application server that is used to get Nuclear Magnetic Resonance prediction for chemical shifts and multiplicity based on the compound structure into Onito. 
  • BioGPS: This is the connection to the BIOGPS server that can be configured to the Molecular Discovery one or could be internally installed within the company, that is used in order to analyze the potential interaction of the compound(s) in Oniro system with any target that has a crystal structure deposited in the protein databank.