A platelet lipidomics signature in patients with COVID-19

December 2023.

Laura Goracci, Eleonora Petito, Alessandra Di Veroli, Emanuela Falcinelli, Caterina Bencivenga, Elisa Giglio, Cecilia Becattini, Edoardo De Robertis, Gaetano Vaudo, Paolo Gresele


Ischemic cardiovascular and venous thromboembolic events are a frequent cause of death in severe COVID-19 patients. Platelet activation plays a key role in these complications, however platelet lipidomics have not been studied yet. The aim of our pilot investigation was to perform a preliminary study of platelet lipidomics in COVID-19 patients compared to healthy subjects. Lipid extraction and identification of ultrapurified platelets from eight hospitalized COVID-19 patients and eight age- and sex-matched healthy controls showed a lipidomic pattern almost completely separating COVID-19 patients from healthy controls. In particular, a significant decrease of ether phospholipids and increased levels of ganglioside GM3 were observed in platelets from COVID-19 patients. In conclusion, our study shows for the first time that platelets from COVID-19 patients display a different lipidomics signature distinguishing them from healthy controls, and suggests that altered platelet lipid metabolism may play a role in viral spreading and in the thrombotic complications of COVID-19.

Keywords: COVID-19; Platelet lipidomics.



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