We are excited to announce the release of the new MassMetaSite version with enhanced Macromolecule module.

General MassMetaSite update:

    • Acquisition modes:
      • Waters QQQ
      • Wiff file with multiple samples
    • SMS file size reduction
    • New sulphoximine reactions: Sulphoximine Oxidation, Sulphoximine Deamination and Sulphoximine N-Dealkylation


MassMetaSite Macro molecule update:

    • Oligonucleotides, macro-cyclic peptides (MCP), and other molecules classes (up to 50.000 amu).
    • Customized linear visualization for larger molecules with more than 100 monomers
    • Average Mass calculation,
    • Charge deconvolution
    • Fine tuning of reaction metabolism: i.e. metabolize from termini only. Metabolize by intra monomer reaction groups
    • Added new peptide-specific intra monomer reactions
    • Improve elucidation by fragmenting metabolites (metmatches)


More information on MassMetaSite page.