User management

User management

Oniro use a login system that recognize the user authenticated and show the appropriate functions and experiments for the user roles and work group/s. The definition of the users properties is done in the Users Management area accessible by pressing the Users button in the main Oniro window and then selecting the tab Users. The Work groups are defined at the Work groups tab. There it is possible to define new work groups and assign to them existing users. Oniro introduces a system to control the access of the different users into the application by defining: 

Defining user roles 

Only users with User management level assigned can create/modify/ remove user conditions levels for the user with administrative role has some parameters that affects to all Oniro users, and also the work groups to which the user is assigned to.

Users management 


Oniro is a container of multiple modules. The access of the users to the different modules can be customized 

  • WebMetabase (small molecule) 
  • WebMetabase (macro molecule) 
  • Compound Library (small molecule) 
  • Compound Library (macro molecule) 
  • WebQuant 
  • WebChembase (Derivatization) 
  • WebChembase (Chemical Monitoring) 
User workgroups 

The User Work groups utility is designed to allow the Oniro experiments to be available only to certain users inside a work group. 

When a protocol instance (experiment) is prepared, it can be assigned to any of the work groups the user that is preparing belongs to, or leave it without any work group assignment. In the last case, the experiment will be available to all the WebMetabase users to access to unowned experiments when it is approved, and only to the users in the work group in the first case. The use of work groups is applied to tools like Déjà vu function if an experiment is assigning to a work group only the experiments assigned to that work group will be available for this function, unless in the global settings of admin area the “Use whole db for data process (ignore groups) is checked, that will make that all experiments are available for all functions within Oniro. 

User authentication system  

The user manager can set up the name of the user, or use the LDAP system it has been associated. Also the password can be set in this section, he user manage can force to the user to change the password the next time he or she login into the system by activating the check box Change password at next login. Also the user can be in active mode or inactivate mode depending if the check box User active is checked or not respectively.