Aproval process

Approval process 

Formal approve of the experimental results

The approval process is the mechanism inside WebChembase that I sued to move an experiment from the Pending part of the database to the approved part of the system. This is an action that is recorded in the Notebook system and that has several effects in the WebChembase experiments: 

  • Freeze the peak and structure edition. Once an experiment has been approved there is no possibility to change any of the characteristics of the chromatographic peak (Area), neither the peaks can be removed or merged. In addition, if an experiment is in approved status, the user cannot edit the structure of the product, nor the visualization of the Markush nor the structure of the fragments already assigned. 
  • Limit on the visualization: When an experiment is approved, the hidden products are not shown in the chromatogram table and the structure elucidation solutions that were not already selected will not be visible to the end user.  
  • Raw data files parked: In the process of approving an experiment, the raw datafiles are parked in a different schema, and therefore cannot be sued for example to query the raw information within the chromatogram browser system. 
  • Compounds are copied into the Compound Library: The parent structures and the structure of the products with a single molecular structure assigned are copied into the Compound Library and a link is established between the compound and the WebChembase experiment.  
  • Access to the Analysis tools: Finally, when an experiment is approved it can also access the single experiment and the multiple experiment analysis tools, that enable the possibility to study the docking of the compounds in multiple cytochrome P450 cavities, building custom reports, analysis of Metabolic pathways, access to fragment selection within the molecule to be replaced or the comparison of the experiment across multiple conditions, or the comparison of the metabolic pathways for a series of congeneric compounds, etc. 

Once the experiment is approved, only a user with Edit again privileges can move the experiment to the pending status and removing all the analysis tools that the compound would have participate.