Original data browsing

Original data browsing

A system independent of the vendor or acquisition mode

WebMetabase incorporates a system to visualize and query the original data from the vendor. The system is vendor and acquisition mode neutral. Therefore, there is a single way to visualize data from every vendor. There is no need to learn specific tools for each data, all it is incorporated in a single visualization tool. Data dependent, data independent, SWATH, Ion Mobility all in a single interphase simple to use. In addition, the system can query not only the MS (Mass Spectra) data but can also do an analysis of the raw analog signal analysis doing for example a query at different wave lengths in Ultraviolet. 

Extracting Ion Chromatograms (EIC

The system can query the data by using the Total Ion Chromatogram, the base peak chromatogram or doing an extraction Ion Chromatogram for one m/z or of a collection of change in formulas that are automatically computed when the user selects which metabolite transformations to be used. 

Manual addition of new peaks

The user after querying the raw data in the system can decide to generate a new chromatographic peak or to modify the area integration of the peaks in any of the MS (Mass spectra) of analog signal under consideration. All the operation is automatized, and it is done to every sample inside the experiment.