Development, optimization and implementation of a centralized metabolic soft spot assay

April 2017

Paiva AA; Klakouski C; Li S; Johnson BM; Shu YZ; Josephs J; Zvyaga T; Zamora I; Shou WZ


Aim: High clearance is a commonly encountered issue in drug discovery. Here we present a centralized metabolic soft spot identification assay with adequate capacity and turnaround time to support the metabolic optimization needs of an entire discovery organization. Methodology: An integrated quan/qual approach utilizing both an orthogonal sample-pooling methodology and software-assisted structure elucidation was developed to enable the assay. Major metabolic soft spots in liver microsomes (rodent and human) were generated in a batch mode, along with kinetics of parent disappearance and metabolite formation, typically within 1 week of incubation. Results & conclusion: A centralized metabolic soft spot identification assay has been developed and has successfully impacted discovery project teams in mitigating instability and establishing potential structure–metabolism relationships.

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