WebQuant is a module within Oniro platform designed to be used in typical workflows in the ADME and PK labs, where the result obtained is a quantification.

At the Module there are two sections that are differentiated by the need to include or not a Calibration Line in the experiment. For example, at a metabolic stability experiment, there is no need to prepare a calibration line to get the result: half-life and clearance.

But when the needed result is a Pharmacokinetic magnitude such as the bioavailability of a compound there is the need to quantitate the amount to product and calibration line should be included in the experiment.

The WebQuant follows the general principles of WebMetabase to define the units, variables, templates, protocols, and experiments.

It has some special behavior encoded in order to assure that any kind of experiment is performed following some minimum rules that apply to it: for example, in a Metabolic Stability experiment some timepoints should be used to calculate the Half Life, so the protocol should contain a variable for the incubation time, and that is forced at the Template level for the metabolic Stability experiment type.


  • Data integrity
  • Audit trail
  • SQL database and Standard data formats 
  • Licensing and Free/easy access to your data 

Chromatography Quality and Multiple signal detection

  • Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS & Maldi)
  • Ultraviolet
  • Radio and Fluorescent 
  • Peak quality analysis

Original data browsing

  • A system independent of the vendor or acquisition mode
  • Extracting Ion Chromatograms (EIC)
  • Manual addition of new peaks

Automated workflows

  • From raw data to process information in the same interface 
  • Flexible experiment definition 

Approval process

  • Formal approve of the experimental results

Compound related information:

  • Template, protocol, Experiment definition
  • Workflow
    • Clearance computation starting from an acquisition Sample list.
    • Data process: Signal re-integration

Pharma –  Data Analysis –  HT DMPK Screening



Biopharma –  Data Analysis –  HT DMPK Screening



Environmental –  Soil And Water Analysis



Environmental –  Dissipation Analysis For Multiple Pesticides


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